Nerve-ey? Vit B12 comes to your rescue.

Diagnosed with Vit B12 deficiency??? Bad news is, we always have been deficit, but, we were also ignorant. Good news is, with proper diet and treatment, you can reverse it completely. It is in the limelight now, cause of better diagnostic tests and awareness among people. Earlier it was just termed as effects of aging! … Continue reading Nerve-ey? Vit B12 comes to your rescue.

Basics on Polio virus, OPV and IPV : Dos and don’ts!

Just came across a post being frantically spread on each and every group possible! Finally when I saw it on Facebook, I decided to write about it! POLIO AWARENESS POST : MUST READ FOR ALL! Let's start with some basics about the Oral Polio vaccine : 1) It's is a live vaccine ( has live … Continue reading Basics on Polio virus, OPV and IPV : Dos and don’ts!

Diabetes Mellitus : the sweet poison 

Diabetes Mellitus : is the condition in which you have high circulating blood sugar levels. Types of Diabetes :  TYPE 1 : the pancreas secretes little or no insulin (beta cells unable to produce insulin) . Affects early in life. TYPE 2 : pancreas and beta cells produce insulin but they are not sufficient. Mostly occurs … Continue reading Diabetes Mellitus : the sweet poison 

Fats – to eat or not to eat ??? 

I have chosen this topic, as people nowadays follow crash diets and regimens blindly without thinking about how it's going to affect their body. All they think about is losing weight, even if it means that it's damaging their body.  You have to understand 'Balance' and 'Moderation' are actually the key to healthy living. It … Continue reading Fats – to eat or not to eat ??? 

PMS : Pre Menstrual Syndrome 

This article is on the request of a reader, So, here goes... PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome is phase every female goes through and occurs before the periods start, every month. It happens to every female and the basic physiology behind it, is the increasing estrogen levels and decrease in progesterone levels. The level of … Continue reading PMS : Pre Menstrual Syndrome 

Facts about Breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing for the mother and the baby in humans, just as for all mammals. There are so many misconceptions about breastfeeding and a new mother will always be in a confused state regarding breastfeeding.  Here are some tips for the new mothers. When Should One Start Breastfeeding? Breastfeeding should be initiated within 1 … Continue reading Facts about Breastfeeding